My job as a Native English Teacher is coming to an end

Many people may know me from my YouTube videos, and seen my photos on Instagram or Facebook. But many people don't see my daily grind, which for the past 3 years has been teaching English at a public elementary school. It's officially coming to an end on February 29th, 2016. 

It's a bitter sweet moment for me.

I've worked many jobs in my life, but 3 years as an English language teacher has been the longest job I've kept in my life.  I never expected that I would ever be a teacher, especially to children, but it happened and it was very rewarding. I fell in love with my job, for me it wasn't really "work" but more like playing and having fun, and there just coincidentally happened to be English language learning going on at the same time. And year after year, I notice the improvement in many of my students, and that makes me happy.

But I was never meant to be a long-term English teacher.  I've always had my eyes on other goals, and other projects that I've wanted to do. YouTube is one of those projects, but I've also got some other things in the works as well.

Stay tuned for more details in a future post. ^_^

16,000 YouTube subscribers!

You guys, it's an honor that so many of you are interested in my videos!  16,000 people is a huge number of people! Seriously! I know it's nothing like some YouTubers with 1 million subscribers, or even just 100,000 subscribers.  But I appreciate all 16,000+ of you guys out there following my videos on YouTube!

What started out as just a little hobby during my free time has blossomed into much more, and has opened many new doors for me! I've been interviewed in magazines and on live radio, been on Korean TV a few times, even with an actual travel episode featuring Marie and I.  

The best part is reading all your comments! I love seeing people who live in far away places around the globe, all leaving awesome comments on my videos!  Please, ask me many questions on all my videos!  I love responding back to you all and interacting with fans. ^^

So, I will keep pushing forward slowly with my videos for now, until February 2016, when my teaching contract will end.  From that point on, I will be focusing on Korean language studies at a Korean university (most likely Sogang University), and on my YouTube full time! 

From that point onward, you can expect MANY new video projects that have been put on the back burner due to my full time job as an English teacher.  There are so many things that will be taking place in 2016, I'm very excited!  I'm sure, as viewers and subscribers, you guys won't be disappointed.  Plus, my frequency and consistency will be better!

Right now, because of full time work, I don't have much time to film and edit, so my video output is slow and random.  But once I am able to actually focus on filming and editing daily, you'll see at least 2 videos per week from me.  I can't yet reveal several video series that will be launching in 2016!

So stay tuned, thank you for watching and supporting me, and if you're reading this but have no idea about my videos, please check them out on this website, or go to YouTube and visit my channel HERE!  

Thank you once again everyone!!! Let's finish off the 2015 year with a bang! ^^


Hey everyone!  Welcome to my new website!  

It's still in construction mode, so not all the videos or photos have been uploaded yet.  But I wanted to get this up so you can browse around and see what it looks like!  

Leave comments, share stuff, etc.  There will be much more content added over the next few weeks and even months as I plug in content from YouTube, my photos on my hard drives, Instagram pictures, and other cool stuff.  ^^

I'm now a Partner with DIA TV (CJ E&M Creator Group)!

CJ E&M's premium global content creator network, DIA TV (, has signed me on to be a partner with them!  This is GREAT news, because they help support other big YouTubers in Korea, such as Megan AKA ChoNunMigookSaram, Josh AKA 영국남자 (Korean Englishman), Dave AKA 데이브 The World of DaveCuckoo Crew - 쿠쿠크루, famous Meokbang food star 밴쯔, and many more!  Now I am a part of that awesome group of amazing, creative people!

As part of the contract, I will have access to the awesome DIA TV Studio, located in Hongdae!  It's a modern, newly designed studio space, with lounge spaces, recording studios, professional level camera equipment, filming areas, editing computers and software, plus professionals to help with filming, audio recording, and even translation work for Korean subtitles!  ^^  

This is really good news for me, and I hope for you viewers.  I'm hoping this will boost my channel's subscribers and viewer demographic, as well as spread my videos across various networks and social media.  Another added bonus is the collaboration work many of these amazing YouTubers do with each other in the DIA TV Studio!  I can't wait to really dig into this and create some really amazing content for YouTube!

Stay tuned for more awesome things coming your way!!!

Made some new logos for YouTube and the website

I've been meaning to make my new logo for my YouTube channel and this website.  After some playing around, I've managed to come up with something I want to use.

 It's based off the idea of a "dojang" (도장).  A dojang is a traditional name stamp, used by Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese, to stamp documents instead of signing a signature like they do in the West.  Normally a family name is engraved into a stone or rubber stamp head, and a red ink is used.
Now-a-days, not as many people use this method to sign documents, but it is still very common practice by many Koreans.  You can find dojang shops all over Seoul to get yours made.  Some shops cater to foreigners and create stamps in unique, more contemporary styles, and in various languages. 

So, my dojang logo says "Cory May" in Hangeul, as well as in English below.  A little cliche, but there's also a play button inside one of the letter shapes to symbolize my YouTube videos. 

I hope you enjoy!